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What if you'd Surrender...

To the Intelligent Force of Nature…

Just Surrender and let Go...

Beyond good, bad, judgement...

Who would You meet...

Hi there, I’m Josien, Soul Teacher, Wisdom Educator, and Life Mentor. 

As intelligent beings, our aim is to evolve, When our basic needs (such as food, sleep, and safety) are met, we long for meaning, and a higher purpose.

We search for answers to the bigger questions in life… 

Who Am I?

What Do I Truly Want?

What Is The Purpose Of My Life?

Simple questions… right 😉?

Is it your desire to move beyond your mind’s busy activity; To move beyond your emotional turbulence; And into profound peace and expanded awareness..

Then it will be my honor to help you uncover who you truly are. 

Life Changing

“This is by far the most profound and healing session I’ve ever had. A weight has been lifted from my shoulders, you have changed my look on life Josien. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
– Tim O’C.

Josien looks at Business Differently

“If you need to create more peace, creativity, and productivity in your professional life, then don’t hesitate to contact Josien. She has boundless energy and ideas to look at business differently. My work is so much more effective. Business is fun again!” – Reggy Nelissen